Hi everyone! I have a KMP project with iOS target ...
# touchlab-tools
Hi everyone! I have a KMP project with iOS target using kmmbridge to create swift packages. We need to specify a supported platform version in this case iOS 16, but I don’t see a way to do it. I think, this PR could help with my issue, but it is not merged yet. What can I do now?
I see only an option to use a custom package file.
published: https://github.com/touchlab/KMMBridge/releases/tag/0.5.3. SPM version config here https://kmmbridge.touchlab.co/docs/spm/IOS_SPM#specifying-platform-versions. The release is probably still making it's way through maven central, so it may not be available yet, but 30 minutes-ish, worst case.
Thanks a lot!! ❤️
OK, update. I wound up using the "other" PR for version support, so look at 0.5.4 (just released)
The docs aren't updating for some reason. Looking into it. Look at this section: https://kmmbridge.touchlab.co/docs/spm/IOS_SPM/#specifying-swift-tools-version
Ugh. github pages.