Hi guys, I have a very simple question as I never ...
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Hi guys, I have a very simple question as I never used multi-platform, I want to create a simple desktop app that has a lazylist, drop down menus, and a video player, rest of the logic can be handled In kotlin no problem. is there a native video player w controls for desktop? Also can I use Material3 with desktop?
Regarding Material 3, yes, you can add this into Gradle: add compose plugin:
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plugins {
alias(libs.plugins.jetbrainsCompose) // jetbrainsCompose = { id = "org.jetbrains.compose", version.ref = "1.6.1" }
and add from "compose"
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sourceSets {
commonMain.dependencies {
This is from July 2023 showing how to do multiplatform video with expect/actual. https://proandroiddev.com/unifying-video-players-compose-multiplatform-for-ios-android-desktop-aa920d29bbf3
I am attempting to use the video per the “unifying video” example, and everthing works great for iOS and Android, but I’m having serious problems getting the apps into the Apple AppStore. I’m not sure it’s possible at the moment, everytime I access the library for Video I get a permission error. I can see the library is being loaded and called, but the permissions issue is where i’m stuck! https://kotlinlang.slack.com/archives/C01D6HTPATV/p1713626355003979?thread_ts=1713570394.636689&cid=C01D6HTPATV
I think this issue with VideoPlayer on desktop will be solved at some point, and it is marked fairly as experimental. I have to assume that JetBrains knows about this issue, and working on it. Other libraries work fine and pure kotlin libraries work fine too. So I know this issue will be solved soon hopefully!