Does anyone know why Android Studio adds the fully...
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Does anyone know why Android Studio adds the fully qualified name for certain composables (this seems to happen particularly often for
in my case)? It even suggests removing it, but seems odd that I need to do that for every composable when I know better ways to spend my time 🤷🏽‍♂️
If I type Text("abc") it will add the fully qualified name like in the screenshot above. If I then add another Text("xyz") right next to it, the same thing happens again.
Yeah, it happens fairly often for me, too, and not just for our own things, but also for Compose library composables and types. It appears to me that it only happens when there are multiple matching names. Just today I autocompleted
, and it both spelled out the fully qualified name of
, and added an import for it.
exists both as a composable and as a class.
Hmm, I wonder if its specifically related to the 1+ match thing you mention. I first dismissed it because I can recreate the issue with almost any composable, i.e. Scaffold. The Scaffold lives in
and its the only suggestion that pops up, but the IDE might be "aware" of the M3 scaffold (which the design system scaffold uses under the hood) and hence causing the issue. If I use a very unique composable, I dont run into this. Might be worth filing an issue, Ill do it next week (pretty swamped right now 😃)