Hi :wave:, I would like to use graphql-kotlin clie...
# graphql-kotlin
Hi 👋, I would like to use graphql-kotlin client. So I need to generate all query classes from schema.graphql file. I tried to use
gradle task. I set all required properties:
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val graphqlGenerateClient by tasks.getting(GraphQLGenerateClientTask::class) {
task run ends up successful but I don’t see any generated classes. Only what I spotted is empty folder in build folder: (attached img) Can you pls give me advise what am I doing wrong? 🙉
solved 1
this is schema which I used for testing purposes:
I think I miss understood whole concept. And I have to write whole query. And its si validated with attached schema and after that the domain classes are generated.
client task is for generating client code only -> so it will only generate classes corresponding to your query (with type info provided by the schema)
unsure whats your use case but generally generally whole model like this is an anti pattern