Hi guys, sorry for the noobie question, I am build...
# multiplatform
Hi guys, sorry for the noobie question, I am building a desktop app, it has a simple functionality, pick an excel file, get all data such as all sheets, all columns within a sheet, it is gonna randomize the order and some other simple logic with arrays then save it in a pdf file in the selected path, This seems easy but the lack of documentation about each part of this is honestly not easy, I don't know if there is a native library to handle and I don't understand the whole dependency situations.
Any existing java code/documentation should work. The only new thing is compose, the UI. The rest can leverage the same java ecosystem you are used too. If your question is more about how to architect your App. Then check the Android architecture guidelines or open source projects doing CLEAN architecture with jetpack Compose
If your question is more related to the tooling to accomplish the various task, then here is a short list. 1. Excel - https://poi.apache.org/ 2. PDF - https://pdfbox.apache.org/
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