# kotlin-native

Tim Ortel

08/03/2022, 1:59 PM
I am new to kotlin/native, especially in the iOS area of native development. I want to use the GRPC cocoapod dependency in my kotlin multiplatform project for my iOS target.
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pod("gRPC-ProtoRPC", version = "~> 1.48", moduleName = "ProtoRPC")
However, my Gradle Task fails with fatal error: module 'ProtoRPC' not found I have tried the steps suggested in However, there was no module.modulemap in build/cocoapods/synthetic/Pods/gRPC-ProtoRPC. I found one in build/cocoapods/synthetic/Pods/Target Support Files/gRPC-ProtoRPC but that one says: framework module ProtoRPC. What is the easiest way of getting access to the Objective-C implementation of GRPC in Kotlin Multiplatform?