I'm learning Android development, trying to do cod...
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I'm learning Android development, trying to do code a simple app in Kotlin. Want to load a JSON file on the assets folder into a string in ViewModel (livedata). Trying to use Moshi,
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val moshi = Moshi.Builder().add(KotlinJsonAdapterFactory()).build()
        val jsonAdapter: JsonAdapter<User> = moshi.adapter(User::class.java)
        val data = AssetManager.open("users.json").bufferedReader().use { it.readText() }
how to read the User.json in the assets folder into a string? then input the string into jsonAdapter.fromJson(string)?
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You cannot use AssetManager from JVM, on Android assets have to be loaded using context.getAssets(), just Google "reading assets android"
The examples on the web are old. How to do this "simple" task in 2022? Load a static JSON file using Kotlin in Jetpack Compose framework. This is a common action in iOS development for testing, mockup purpose. Can't find a example for Android Kotlin. Most cases assume remote loading (retrofit)
If it’s a simple JSON that’s part of your built app, put it in raw and use
. You’ll find examples online on how to read that out to an input stream. https://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/res/Resources#openRawResource(int,%20android.util.TypedValue)