Hey everyone! I'm looking for some help with setti...
# ktor
Hey everyone! I'm looking for some help with setting up my ktor client. I am storing the url in a proto datastore and I'm not sure how to get it out of there and into the
block. has anyone else did this? How did you go about it?
Probably the following solution is kind of bad but you can read an URL synchronously and then use it in the
I had tried that yesterday but it was hanging without end. I thought after a while that it was due to the flow that my repository returns was causing the hang because a flow never ends. I tried using
but that didn't work either. What I ended up doing was in my runBlocking I just added a small delay
and that was enough time for the url to be received from my datastore. I still want a better solution than that, my guess is I need to modify my return of flow to something else instead that actually finish which then the solution you gave would work.
maybe a even better way is to not use a default url at all and just get the url when for each request
Do you need to get the host only once or it can be updated during an application lifecycle?
Theoretically it can be updated during the app lifecycle but right now I am just requiring a restart of the app when the app settings are changed. I know that is not great either but for the time being it going to do. I have a timeline on the project I'm working on so these extra things I can deal with later
so I fully fixed my issue. I created a method with the same name as my val (personal decision) which utilizes
to block while the value is retrieve. The reason I did not replace my val with the function is there are places where I need the information as well where I can utilize coroutines properly where I am not initializing components on my app
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val getTerminalDetails: Flow<TerminalDetails> = cxt.terminalDetails.data
        .catch { e ->
            if (e is IOException) {
                Log.d("Error", e.message.toString())
            } else {
                throw e

    fun getTerminalDetails(): TerminalDetails = runBlocking {