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08/04/2022, 9:19 PM
Hey all. Recently I've migrated my open-source app called Gamedge to be a pure Jetpack Compose app. It utilizes all the latest libraries & tools in the Android development world. A couple of thoughts: 🧵
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I find it extremely easy to use & build new UI once you grasp how it works. This is is definitely the future of the Android development, in my opinion. However, I stumbled upon a couple of issues along the way.
The biggest one is that Compose as of 1.2.0 does not have 1 to 1 parity with the View system. For example, MotionLayout support for Compose lacks some features like OnSwipe gestures. Another one is the ability to control the zIndex of composable transitions. Also, tooling support like rendering previews does not work far too often.
To view the whole list of issues, take a look at the following link:
A couple of stats before & after migration to Compose. Before: - Total lines: 40,847 - APK Release Size with R8: 4.7 MB After: - Total lines: 37,822 - APK Release Size with R8: 4.7 MB Less lines of code due to removal of verbose XML & APK size stayed around the same.
Overall, it's been a fun journey migrating the app from the View system to a pure Jetpack Compose one.


08/05/2022, 7:44 AM
Just installed the APK and gave GAMEDGE a spin on my Android Device 👏 Nice work @Paul it's a good-looking App. Here's a convenient APK download QR for others wanting to try it: