# multiplatform

Rindress MacDonald

08/05/2022, 3:24 PM
Hey all. I'm having an issue trying to run my test cases in a KMP library project. Details are in the thread! TIA
I've been searching through a number of different areas for a clue as to what I'm doing wrong. I have a current project (KMM) that I'm looking to take the
section out and make it a standalone library. I plan on pushing this up as a GitHub artifact. I have created a
Kotlin Multiplatform Library
project from Android Studio and migrated the code to the new project. This all seems fine. I'm able to build the artifact and publish it to GitHub. My concern now is that I am not able to run the tests that I have. They run fine in the KMM project but not in the library one. I assume I'm missing something simple and would really appreciate any guidance. The ultimate goal is to have a number of test cases and code coverage. Here is partially what I'm seeing when running the test:
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> Task :shared:testDebugUnitTest
resources.arsc in APK '/Users/<username>/.m2/repository/org/robolectric/android-all-instrumented/12-robolectric-7732740-i3/android-all-instrumented-12-robolectric-7732740-i3.jar' is compressed.

Bad return type
Exception Details:
    android/content/res/ResourcesImpl.$$robo$$android_content_res_ResourcesImpl$loadComplexColorForCookie(Landroid/content/res/Resources;Landroid/util/TypedValue;ILandroid/content/res/Resources$Theme;)Landroid/content/res/ComplexColor; @817: areturn
    Type 'java/lang/Object' (current frame, stack[0]) is not assignable to 'android/content/res/ComplexColor' (from method signature)
  Current Frame: