Is there an JVM in kotlin for android and in nativ...
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Is there an JVM in kotlin for android and in native no JVM or what?
Please do not split topics across several threads. This makes following the conversation in the threads view very hard as the context of the other messages is missing. If you have additional information either edit the original message or post to its thread. Regarding the question, exactly, native compiles to native code, Kotlin for Android to code for the Dalvik VM.
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Basically, if you want to make an android app, use Kotlin for android. If you want to share code between many platforms (including android), then use Kotlin native or Kotlin Multiplatform.
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Thank you a lot for explanation, but i have another question , Kotlin native could translate to android and the same time to IOS??
You can use Kotlin Native for Android NDK (what you'd usually use if you write a C++ app). Think of Kotlin Native as C/C++/Objective-C