Can I navigate from Compose Destinations to action...
# compose
Can I navigate from Compose Destinations to actions defined in an XML navigation graph? Currently I get "Navigation action/destination cannot be found from current destination". I suspect I must somehow include my old XML navigation graph into the generated Destinations nav graph. Is there an API for this?
The reason is, not all of my app is built in Compose (I still have a fair amount of XML layouts) and I want to just navigate to another Fragment from my composable.
AFAIK If you still have View based screens then you can't use Compose Navigation, you need to use the standard Navigation library
Yes, it indeed looks like this...
Although I actually managed to combine both, but for the non-composable destinations I was just emitting events back to the Fragment. Then with Fragment's
I could navigate to the other Fragments.
Thank you for your answer!