Is there a way to subdivide kotlin multiplatform p...
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Is there a way to subdivide kotlin multiplatform project into modules? Aka, so code from one module can't use code from other module unless its module depends on that other module. I know that I can do localmaven and publishing, but I still want to keep it all inside one project so I can edit code from one IntelliJ IDEA instance, and all the maven stuff seems like an overkill
You can use gradle projects for that very normally. gradle allows you to depend on a project using the
Hmm, thqnks for the direction. I've managed to create kotlin app with multiple projects this way, but now I'm stumped and don't know how to convert those projects into kotlin native projects, I tried searching in google but all guides are either for non-multiplatform, or for separate projects, are there any guide for using multiplatform with gradle modules?