# fritz2

Oliver Eisenbarth

08/19/2022, 8:18 AM
Hello, I tried bumping the Spring-Boot example to version 0.14.4 w. kotlin v1.7.10 and the rec. serialization v1.3.3. It`s my first shot at KMP and I keep getting KAPT errors I cannot handle. Is latest Fritz2 using Kapt or Poet? Can someone help me with "Supported source version 'RELEASE_8' from annotation processor 'org.jetbrains.kotlin.kapt3.base.ProcessorWrapper' less than -source 11"?

Christian Hausknecht

08/22/2022, 6:44 AM
It appears unlikely that you get KAP errors, since fritz2 has moved away from using kapt in 0.14. May it be, that you still include the fritz2-gradle-plugin in your build.gradle.kts? This is might lead to such errors, as in fact this plugin was used to generate the lenses code via kapt. So it is harmful in combination with fritz2 0.14 upwards!

Oliver Eisenbarth

08/23/2022, 3:27 PM
Hi @Christian Hausknecht, thank you very much for getting back at me. You were right, I forgot to remove it from the shared folder. Thank you!