# kotlin-native

Sterling Albury

08/22/2022, 1:34 AM
I'm trying to use the integrated
task, but I don't think the task is getting executed from xcode. I've added a run script to the build phases to run the task for my module, but when i build the xcode project, it's failing when trying to link the framework - the path doesn't exist. I can confirm that there's no build folder for the xcode framework in my kmp module. not sure what I'm doing wrong
i ended up starting fresh, building off the kmm-basic-sample and got things working with adding my module/framework. however, I tried to add another framework - added additional gradle command in the run script and another 'other linker flag' framework, but started to see the same issue as before. it seems like i need to let the project build with the run script before i can add the new framework in the 'other linker flag'