I have an issue with `sqldelight` and release vers...
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I have an issue with
and release version of android app. I have the file favourites.sq and
statement into it. On debug version of the app it works, but on release it is not creating the table and app crash with error:
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no such table: favourite
. I found somewhere on slack that I can put
also in 1.sqm. I did that and surprisingly it works. Unfortunatelly, on debug version I go t the error now:
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table favourite already exists
How can I get rid of it and why the release version of the app needs the migration file if I actually do not migrate anything ? ­čśĽ
It turned out there was a db named the same in the ancient version of the app. The legacy code for that DB was erased, but the files remained for some users. It was hard to track, but now I have changed the file name, erase the legacy db files and everything works as expected. ­čÖé