Hi guys. Maybe I dumb or something, but I just can...
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Hi guys. Maybe I dumb or something, but I just cant use any gradle library that I've add to the tutorial project. https://github.com/nacular/doodle-tutorials I've got it from this link, then I go to the /Users/R355-M-4-Stud/IdeaProjects/doodle-tutorials/Calculator/build.gradle.kts and then add a few dependencies, but when I try to use the classes - I got unresolved reference. What I'm doing wrong?
although, as you can see, the dependencies are in the list of libraries. I just cant use them
Where are you trying to use the dependencies? An
dependency will only be available in the source set you added it to
in this case.
The issue is that library can't be used in
source sets. It is jvm only from what I can tell. Adding it to a jvm source set (I tried the one in the CalculatorRunner project) and using the LoggerFactory in jvm code works.
You'll need to use a kotlin logging library that supports common code if you want to log in common code.
ahhh, I see
thank you!