So.... composite builds + hierarchical project str...
# multiplatform
So.... composite builds + hierarchical project structure = IDE not able to solve common code references, right? I have a structure like so:
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multiPlatformProject and its contents are included via
. Stuck on Kotlin 1.6.10 because of this. I came across this super creative work-around to trick the IDE into thinking we're using 1.6.10 in order to keep it working, but it didn't do the trick for me. Anyone else working around this issue?
Opting-out of hierarchical project structure kinda works too. But then, for whatever reason, Coroutines, KotlinxSerialization, KotlinxDatetime, and Ktor are the only dependencies that becomes unresolved, even though they have
May not be an option for you but I managed to "merge" two projects using symbolic links and some Gradle hackery :\