Jakub Sieprawski

    Jakub Sieprawski

    4 weeks ago
    Hey, I am developing KMM library named Module A, also i made a messenger module in KMM technology which i want to use in Module A. I generated native packages from messenger module - .aar for android, and .xcframework for ios. When I am adding generated Messenger xcframework to my swift project, everything works fine, i can see contents of the module, but when i am adding it by cInterop to my native code of Module A, it is adding because i am not getting any runtime error but i cannot see its contents, i am getting unresolved reference on every class from Messenger Module. Am i doing something wrong or should i add some annotation to my messanger classes to export them to objc?
    using of common module in Module A which ends with unresolved references: import common.*