How would I set a default value for the markovConf...
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How would I set a default value for the markovConfig column on a Guild?
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object Guilds : IntIdTable() {
    val markovConfig = reference("markov_config", MarkovConfigs)

class Guild(id: EntityID<Int>) : IntEntity(id) {
    companion object : IntEntityClass<Guild>(Guilds)

    var markovConfig by MarkovConfig referencedOn Guilds.markovConfig

object MarkovConfigs : IntIdTable() {
    val frequency = float("frequency")
    val handleMention = bool("handle_mention").default(true)

class MarkovConfig(id: EntityID<Int>) : IntEntity(id) {
    companion object : IntEntityClass<MarkovConfig>(MarkovConfigs)

    var frequency by MarkovConfigs.frequency
    var handleMention by MarkovConfigs.handleMention