I want to get started with mvi, do you know a good...
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I want to get started with mvi, do you know a good framework (that works both desktop and mobile) for kotlin/jvm?
@binarynoise Maybe https://github.com/orbit-mvi/orbit-mvi I recently bumped into


and orbit seems like a solution, but I did not have an occasion to give it a shot in production environment, so check whether it meets your requirements. As mentioned in description it should work on Android and Kotlin Multiplatform (JVM)
Ballast is a library I recently released, which supports all major targets, with examples in the repo. I’ve been running it in a production Android app for a while now and it’s been very stable, as well as with several Compose Web and Desktop side-projects, and it’s holding up very well to them all. I took a lot of inspiration from Orbit in creating Ballast, but specifically worked to make it less tied to the Android ecosystem so that it works just as seamlessly on other platforms. The programming model is much more explicit than Orbit, looking more like Redux than the “MVVM+” style of Orbit, which you may or may not like.
I’ve also got a feature comparison table to help you understand the pros/cons of the various MVI frameworks out there, and you’re welcome to join #ballast and ask any questions you might have in there
But in general, I strongly recommend watching the linked video above before diving into any particular MVI libraries. It does an excellent job of explaining the goals and general workings of the MVI model, which are pretty simple overall, but important to understand in order to use the MVI model effectively
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@Casey Brooks Still looking into it, but I directly have feedback for the table: make it full-width please to avoid scrolling in two dimensions