Hey <@U4UGS5FC7>, I did a talk at a conference and...
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Hey @raulraja, I did a talk at a conference and they gave me an Open-Collective credit of $100, which I can use to Sponsor my favourite open source project. Arrow of-course comes to my mind first, this library and community helped me learn a lot. So I asked if there is an Open-Collective for Arrow to contribute. Thanks!
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That is very nice, thanks @Gopal S Akshintala :love. I'm not sure we have an actual way to accept that money at the moment. If it was cash I would recommend that if you want to help Arrow and spend that money you wait for @Alejandro Serrano Mena new upcoming book in Kotlin which covers many topics around FP https://twitter.com/trupill/status/1550561160117772288 or burn it on some Arrow swag at https://47-degrees.myspreadshop.com/ An alternative, pick some charity of your choice or help someone that needs it and would make us equally happy. Since I suppose it's just open collective credit, I'd recommend you spend it on another project of your choice. If you can't think of one, Arrow's original encoding and a lot of the inspiration for the library came from Typelevel Cats in Scala which is a Typelevel project https://opencollective.com/typelevel Thanks again for thinking of us 🙏 , means a lot