Casey Brooks

09/07/2022, 4:17 PM
Howdy, folks, I just released Ballast 2.0! This is a major version bump which includes the following changes: • brings it up to Kotlin 1.7.10 • Slightly improves the configuration DSL to make it more consistent across the core and library modules. Deprecated methods include
declarations so IntelliJ can make the necessary changes for you • The Intellij plugin is now compatible with the latest version of IntelliJ, so templating functionality is once again available. Unfortunately the Compose support for Intellij plugins still has not been updated, so the Ballast Debugger has been temporarily removed. Hopefully we will get a new release sometime soon and I can put this back, or else if someone knows how to build native Intellij UIs to help rebuild this portion of the plugin, your contribution would be greatly appreciated This release is intended to be source-compatible with most apps, but not binary-compatible. This means that your apps should ideally still compile and run with no source code changes simply by updating to 2.0.1, but you will need all dependencies compiled against 2.0.1 to ensure everything works correctly. Feel free to post here with any questions about these changes or if you have any issues updating
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