Compose Version 1.3.0-beta02 released today! Stuf...
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Compose Version 1.3.0-beta02 released today! Stuff that I think is Interesting • Initial version of experimental
(Ia48be) • Renamed
(Ia4262, b/183746982) • Introduced a
overload that provides a quick way of enabling snapping in
. (Ifb48a) if this is what I think it is... OH HECK YEAHHH. EDIT: Actually I want snapping in non-lazy lists. Snapping in lazy lists can already be done with chris banes snapper. But maybe this opens the door for non lazy snapping? • Swipeable V2 (Phase 1) (👀 jossi) • Gradle edition: kotlin.RequiresOptIn is now enabled by default (not exactly sure what this means, but hopefully no more kotlin warnings about experimental apis?) Material3 • Default components insets introduced in m3 components in beta01 version no longer account for IME insets. • Material3 Scaffold component now has a
parameter, allowing to specify the amount of insets to handle for the content slot. (Icf11a, b/243713323) • Deprecates the experimental Material 3
function and introduces an equivalent
function. Please migrate your usage to the new one. (I74404, b/226918634) • Adds control over the top app bar fling and snap behaviors. (I15c81) • Removes startIndent from Divider, moves color to last parameter. (If7be2) • Have Dialogs identify themselves to talkback users by announcing the word Dialog when they are displayed. Oh and compiler version update today too • Fix
where Compose Compiler was erroneously marking unit types as composable in some circumstances. (b/237863365) • Users must now specify their preferred Kotlin version when suppressing compiler version check (I9e5e2)
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There should be a version of snapping for all scrollable containers, seems like the commit that introduced the relnote only did lazy adjustments
ooh. thanks @shikasd let me give that a shot!
Google don't do a changelog like this when there's a new release right? Thanks for doing it @Colton Idle 🙏🏽
There’s this page, which shows all releases for this day There’s also Ian Lake who always makes a thread highlighting some of the changes like here;t=Ix7plBUEHH1vgjlJs7ha0A
For the first link you have to enter one by one and sometimes there isn't a changelog but just a link to the commit list which you have to also look one by one to see what changed. I just meant a list like Colton did with the most relevant changes for all compose dependencies but thank for the links 😄
What is "Swipeable V2"? 🤔
Yeap I only posted what I perceive as the closest thing to this sort of breakdown since you asked 😄
Yeah. when I do these breakdowns I look at every artifacts release notes + diff and basically just write those down.
@Valentin Gusselnikov I think swipeable v2 is the pre-cursor to doing other upgrades like improvoing bottom sheets. in that case, i am excited about it because bottom sheets need some love.
Swipeable V2 is the (very uncreative) codename for improvements we're bringing to the Swipeable APIs. We're redesigning them to better support use cases we've seen come up with complex components like bottom sheets🙂
@shikasd do you know how I'd setup the snapping in a nonLazy col/row? From what you said, it should be possible, but from my testing... it's not?
thanks! a bit more difficult than I first imagined. i have something sorta working now after copy pasta, but i gotta refine it as the samples use hardcoded widths which messes things up for me.