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https://github.com/formation-res/fluent-kotlin now supports jvm and js platforms for Mozilla's project fluent style translations. It adapts the existing Java and js libraries for this. We are still hacking on this API but would appreciate feedback and suggestions for improvement.
It's a very intriguing library. But I have a question (sorry if it's stupid): what's difference between this library and projectfluent/fluent-kotlin?
Sorry missed your reply. That library seems like it is not maintained and jvm only. We built this initially for kotlin-js and then looked for the best jvm library to make it a proper multi platform library. We ended up using a java library that is a bit more mature than this one. So, differences: • mullti platform with js and jvm supported using two different libraries. Potentially extensible to other kotlin platforms (e.g. ios native) • API is multi platform and works the same on all platforms. We use it in our spring boot server (notifications, email templates) and kotlin-js based web ui. • Uses Kotlin language features to represent translation ids using enums that implement Translatable. This means you don't have a lot of hard coded strings all over your code base.
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