I saw this somewhere: the inspection/warning/error...
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I saw this somewhere: the inspection/warning/error name is displayed within IntelliJ (
in this case). How can I enable this? https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/705391960785158164/999092837771640962/unknown.png?width=1440&height=153 I only get something like this:


The reason I would like to see these names is that
seems to work for some errors too, but I would need to know the name for them to suppress them.
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does this setting apply to errors in other languages (Java, Rust, etc) as well, or only Kotlin? If not, is there a way to enable similar behavior for those languages?
Actually, this setting enables a bunch of internal actions that are useful for IDEA developers. I don’t know how it affects other plugins. Also note that the error you quoted is a Kotlin compiler error. For Java, Rust there may be no compiler errors at all, if the whole analysis is implemented inside of the IDEA plugin.
ok, thanks is there a list somewhere of said enabled internal actions?
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