I have another question. I have a composable funct...
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I have another question. I have a composable function defining some geometries. Is there a way to "remember" it and avoid recomposition?
I think this is what the “remember*” functions are for, convenience funs which wrap a remember. You can look at an example here https://cs.android.com/androidx/platform/tools/dokka-devsite-plugin/+/master:testDat[…]ndation/lazy/LazyListState.kt;l=48-59?q=rememberLazyListState. Is this what you’re looking for?
remember function does not allow composables inside it
I think I can work arround it so I do not need to store composables in the state, but I wonder if it is possible.
Do you need to be inside a composable context in order to get those geometries? Sounds like it may be possible to instead go this route and have that remembered class provide @Composable getters like
does if you need access to locals and such
I want to remember a painter for VectorImage. I need a composable context to create it, but if I use composable context, I can't remember it.
I think I can move painter creation to the place, where it is rendered. But I still wonder if it is possible to cache composables.
Ha, it is not that easy. In order to draw image on canvas, I need to create a painter and it requires composable scope. Draw scope is not composable.
How are you creating that painter? I’m trying to understand why you can’t remember it. Usually when there are such functions, there are also matching remember* functions for it like here.
Yes. I use rememberVectorPainter. The problem is that I can't store painter in the
cache because it requires composable scope and I can't create a painter inside the canvas draw scope because it requires composable scope.
So how I am supposed to pass image as a state?
The only way I found is to catch the state outside of canvas scope, add additional painter cache to it and then pass it to canvas. Looks ugly
I’m not gonna lie I’m confused about the situation. Without seeing the code I think I can’t quite follow sorry 😕
The code is public. but it is actually pretty easy. I need to draw VectorImage in canvas. For that I need this VectorImage as a state. In order to draw it on canvas I need to create Painter with
. It could not be created inside canvas drawScope because it is not composable. But I also can't store it in the state because state also can't contain composable.