I’ve got a couple of precompiled `.aar` files that...
# gradle
I’ve got a couple of precompiled
files that I’m trying to include as a dependency in my library. These libraries are intended to be part of my library group, but they are slow to build and don’t change often (and maintained by a different team). To use them I created some gradle projects declaring them as an artifact and then made other library depend on them using
. I also added plugins and configuration to publish the artifacts.
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val artifact = file("$name.aar")
artifacts.add("default", artifact)
This works for building and when I publish those artifacts also get published with the correct versions and my other libraries correctly depend on them. The problem is that I get some warnings when syncing Intellij with the projects that depend on those projects (in thread) and the commonMain source set (using KMM) is not getting treated as source code). So I want to do this right. I found this https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-274929 that states what I’m doing is wrong. If I follow the recommendation everything syncs up right. But this will break the publication goals that I have. Plus due to how gradle caches remote artifacts, I feel this will create problems when trying to update the files. I can probably make everything work, but I’m wondering if there is a proper way to create a project that does just provide a precompiled artifact like I’m doing.