any serverless/embedded (like sqlite) database rec...
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any serverless/embedded (like sqlite) database recommendation ? i want to store some configuration data and “states” (think of it as a load/save in a game, except that i’m not making a game but a simulation). Since i’m doing all this stuff for self-teaching purpose, i might as well take something i don’t know. (i’m a database administrator, the only “serverless” dbms i know is sqlite). it’s not specifically kotlin related so i’m just posting it here. (and it’s not that important either since i could make sqlite fit the need). i’ve heard about objectbox.
intellij idea support is a must though
As I remember H2 can be embeded DB within JVM-based application. So it has interop with Kotlin via Java. Also, it has IDEA Ultimate support.
i’ll check H2. thx
(and i have the whole jetbrains suite)
Firebase? Or do you mean embedded db rather than serverless (as in cloud-based but without a dedicated server)?
Also are you after sql or nosql?
i mean embedded
i’ll use H2 since this is a database i don’t know.
nosql is ok, but i have a strong preference for sql 🙂
sqldelight also has an idea plugin
H2 is an amazing DB... fast, flexible, powerful. Good choice.