Hi all, this topic is more advanced but I can’t fi...
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Hi all, this topic is more advanced but I can’t find a better channel to place it. I need to execute some code on startup without knowing of its existence, think of an expendable registry where classes can register themselves (somehow like observer). The challenge is that - as I can’t instantiate these classes (actively) - the code is currently within a
companion object
. So I decided to provide an interface (or an annotation) and find the functions to call on startup as follows using (using classgraph as for scanning - I’m not bound to that framework):
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interface OnStartup {
  fun onStartup()

// a class that wil instantiated a lot of times during runtime
data class SomeClass(val name: String) {
  companion object : OnStartup {
    override fun onStartup() {
      // notify someone at startup about our existence

fun main() {
    .filter { it.isStatic }
    .flatMap { findStartupMethods(it) }
    .forEach {

private fun findStartupMethods(classInfo: ClassInfo): List<KFunction<*>> {
  return classInfo.methodInfo.filter { function ->
    function.name == "onStartup"
  }.mapNotNull { method ->
This will not work as
expects a parameter:
Callable expects 1 arguments, but 0 were provided.
which should be the instance of the class (from my understanding), so I guess it should be the
. The code works well if I define the
function on top level (but that has negative impacts for my idea). Is there any way to retrieve the
? Or to achieve this behaviour? Maybe there is another annotation scanner that fits better for Kotlin? Any help is appreciated.
Since you have classInfo, can you get a
out of it? Because then, you can do
Ah, didn’t saw the
🙂 thanks for your help! Solution now looks like:
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val companion = classInfo.loadClass().kotlin
if (companion.isCompanion) {
  companion.memberFunctions.filter { it.name == "onStartup" }.forEach { it.call(companion.objectInstance) }
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