Technical blog post about Compose UI on iOS with t...
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Technical blog post about Compose UI on iOS with the Droidcon NYC app:
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Thanks for sharing this, by any chance, do you have any specific steps to compile/run the project on Arm64 simulator? πŸ™πŸ»
I do not. Possibly @Tadeas Kriz?
(My main machine is still an Intel 😞 )
There was one library that didn't have the arm64 simulator target published yet. You can either run it on an iOS device (it compiles on arm64 machine), or switch the simulator to run in Rosetta mode. I'll check if the library has the target published or not and let you know πŸ™‚
or switch the simulator to run in Rosetta mode.
hmmm, gonna try, thanks πŸ™‚ btw: I left a comment in this issue, could be related
Before you do that, I'm checking our codebase to see if we have support for it. We might've already added it and failed to check if it works πŸ™‚ I need to submit a PR (or at least an issue) to to include the target.
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Sent a PR to compose-imageloader, once merged I'll update the Droidcon codebase to support arm64 simulator. Thanks for bringing it up!
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Great news! They merged it and released a new version, so I'll update the Droidcon codebase tomorrow
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@Alejandro Rios Updated code in the
Thank you very much
But now I'm getting this error: πŸ˜–
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> Task :shared-ui:compileCommonMainKotlinMetadata FAILED
e: java.lang.IllegalStateException: e: Could not find "/Users/alejandrorios/Documents/Workstation/Kotlin-Native/DroidconKotlin/shared-ui/build/kotlinSourceSetMetadata/commonMain/org.jetbrains.kotlinx-atomicfu/org.jetbrains.kotlinx-atomicfu-nativeInterop.klib" in [/Users/alejandrorios/Library/Application Support/kotlin/daemon]
That's weird, try cleaning and running it again
Are you running build from Xcode?
nop, I'm running
./gradlew build
from Intellij
I haven't tried that, so it might be failing. I always run the project from Xcode (when I want it to run on simulator) or from IntelliJ running to Android device
I'm following the
README instructions, I guess that I need to do that in order to run the app in a simulator, right?
The issue with the
might be related to incompatible versions of Kotlin (hierarchical project structure). I had a somewhat similar issue with the
./gradlew build
command. Once I updated the dependencies to match the Kotlin version in the project, those errors disappeared.
Shoot, I'm sorry those instructions are old and I forgot to update them πŸ˜•
@Tadeas Kriz please let me know once you update that Readme to run the iOS version of the app
Thats wonderful news and I hope one day Touchlab or JetBrains will bring this as a production ready framework. I would love getting rid of SwiftUI. πŸ™‚