hi here, what are good books on writing idiomatic ...
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hi here, what are good books on writing idiomatic kotlin? Or maybe ones that teach general programming using kotlin.
• so "Kotlin in Action 2nd Edition" is in EarlyAccess now, but you get a pdf of the 1st Edition immediately. so that's the book, I learned Kotlin with. https://www.manning.com/books/kotlin-in-action-second-edition • if you know the language mostly, but want to know what's ideomatic, take a look at Effective Kotlin https://leanpub.com/effectivekotlin • if you want to learn programming with Kotlin as a first language, pick Atomic Kotlin https://www.atomickotlin.com/
I think "Kotlin in Action" is great in terms of idiomaticity (I've read the first edition, but think the second edition should be no less great). Also "Kotlin design patterns and best practices" should be a good book for that by showing idiomatic ways via design patterns. (Also, it has a more rapid syntax introduction in the beggining.)