Hello, Could someone with setting up Arrow analysi...
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Hello, Could someone with setting up Arrow analysis plugin with Android? I’m following https://arrow-kt.io/docs/meta/analysis/ but I get the error when building:
Configuration with name 'implementation' not found.
Do I miss some dependency as it seems?
I think this is because the Gradle plug-in sort of assumes a “basic” Kotlin project, and maybe your Android project doesn’t fit in that shape
maybe @Imran/Malic or @raulraja know something about this
how does your
block look like?
@Alejandro Serrano Mena - for the module or in the root’s build.gradle?
I put
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classpath "io.arrow-kt.analysis.kotlin:io.arrow-kt.analysis.kotlin.gradle.plugin:2.0"
block and then
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apply plugin: "io.arrow-kt.analysis.kotlin"
later in the same file
I didn’t see anything for the app module in the QuickStart tutorial but the trace shows that line for ‘meta’ plugin with empty
actually, after typing all that, I realised that
apply plugin
part must go into module’s build.gradle (or its kts sibling). This should be reflected in the Quick Start guide I think. Android/KMP would need it.
it still fails but at least it goes further with AGP (I use v7.3.0)
finally, v2.0.2 works, thanks for the clue, @Alejandro Serrano Mena
@alexey_gusev, glad you got it to work. If you'd like to contribute the findings or any changes to the android setup feel free to send a PR with changes to https://github.com/arrow-kt/arrow-analysis/blob/154a402fa2b0b46ffd5b3d82374f9da5d96d0831/docs/docs/index.md 🙂
sure thing. it works now in a sense of “throwing errors as expected” some of which I cannot explain but it could be Kotlin version , I use 1.7.10