Hi guys, wanted to give a little feedback on <kotl...
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Hi guys, wanted to give a little feedback on kotlinlang.org - as a user, if I see this arrow on links, I will think that the it opens in a new browser tab. They currently don’t.
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Typically an arrow just denotes a link that's on another page. Whether external links open in a new window or not is a separate decision made for the website. Many websites open external links in the same window, even when they show an arrow. Wikipedia is one example.
To me arrow means “Hey! Worried about clicking and losing this page and its state? Don’t - this opens in a new tab/floating window”. I clicked and felt betrayed 😄 I’d be surprised if the majority of people interpret it the way you do
Hi, thank you for the feedback! Change in external link behaviour is something that we are still reviewing internally. There are good arguments for and against this change. At the moment we are gathering feedback to see what behaviour works best.