Hello! I am wondering what happened to [at]product...
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Hello! I am wondering what happened to [at]product and the toHList(), isn't that part of Arrow anymore?
Hi Oliver, we decided to remove those apis and the arrow-generic module because we were not happy with the encodings and overhead using it. We decided to remove it before it became more popular in the 1.0 series. @Alejandro Serrano Mena proposed other encodings for generic structures but we have not found one yet that is ergonomic enough in Kotlin. It seems that generic derivation is used mostly in the case of kotlinx serialization and the kotlin serialization plugin offers a generic descriptor structure of
data and sealed classes. We also explored that structure but were not happy with the results either. At some point there have been community discussion around bringing tuples back to Kotlin and if that happens it would greatly impact on the solution we'd settle for. TLDR; we are still exploring what the best way to do generic programming in Kotlin looks like.
Ah, too bad. Wanted to use it today. 😅 But I see. Very interesting! Thanks for the detailed answer Raul! 🙏
Don't get me wrong, please. Working with Arrow is a joy. ❤️