Bonjour, I just had a probably dumb idea. Sometime...
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Bonjour, I just had a probably dumb idea. Sometime companies want to waste your time with coding challenge And often Kotlin is not one of the options they support. Would it be somehow possible to write in Kotlin, compile in KotlinJS and execute the resulting JavaScript in their tool? I don’t care if the resulting JS is unreadable
Just compile it in ide and copy paste into web editor 😀
binaries.executable produces self-sufficient bundle
i would just stop the process right there when they have a hiring process that does not support kotlin.
@Big Chungus sorry I’m not super familiar with Kotlin JS I have a leetcode challenge solved in Kotlin and compiled to JS. How do I copy/paste the JS in leetcode so that it works? The source code is here
Just build and then copy the contents of build/binaries/*.js