Morning. I've been reading the docs to no avail. D...
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Morning. I've been reading the docs to no avail. Does anyone know if there's a callback or if it's possible to detect when a Column becomes visible within a LazyColumn? I'm hoping to detect when the list scrolls and an item appears on the screen.
Unfortunately that's infeasible due to how widgets work. Since they live in the host process, a callback would mean it wakes up the app process everytime the widget scrolls
Widgets are intended to show a short summary of certain app content. For more advanced use cases the user should open the app
Thanks Marcel. I saw in the documentation "A vertical scrolling list that only lays out the currently visible items". I was hoping that meant the composing of non-invisible items wouldn't happen until they are scrolled to, but my entire list is being Composed at once.
All remote views are already laid out afaik