it looks like with kotlin 1.8.0-dev-3517 and gradl...
# gradle
it looks like with kotlin 1.8.0-dev-3517 and gradle 8.0-20220928221247+0000 i get the following when setting my toolchain to java 19:
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Execution failed for task ':compileTestKotlin'.
> Error while evaluating property 'compilerOptions.jvmTarget' of task ':compileTestKotlin'.
   > Failed to calculate the value of property 'jvmTarget'.
      > Unknown Kotlin JVM target: 19
is it possible to use jdk 19 yet?
you can run on a later Java version, and use its APIs, than Kotlin's jvmTarget
changing that allows the Kotlin compiler to emit newer bytecode, but looking at the JDK 19 release notes, I don't see anything new at that level
was just recently added into Kotlin. Try newer dev version
oh i see 1.8.0-Beta-55 is newer, ill try that
that worked, thanks!