Colton Idle

10/03/2022, 1:31 AM
I have a fairly large existing android project. I want to add detekt. so I added id("io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt").version("1.22.0-RC1") to my root build.gradle. I ran ./gradlew detekt and it ran successfully, but I would have figured it would have failed as I'm sure some of my project is breaking some detekt rules. Am I missing something? Sorry I'm a detekt noob.
or you could configure the root detekt task to recursively scan the whole project, but it can't get compiler settings or do type resolution that way, and it'll be a single task instead of (potentially) parallel across subprojects

Colton Idle

10/03/2022, 1:40 AM
Interesting..... so i guess i should just apply it to each module (i dont have too many. just like 4.)
doesn't seem like theres any benefit to configure in one spot i guess?


10/03/2022, 1:42 AM
you could write a convention plugin if you want to have a single place to configure it, but at that scale, it probably isn't necessary
I suppose you could also add configuration to scan the kotlin build scripts (
) if you want since those aren't included by default, but it feels like that should be distinct from scanning your kotlin sources