Wondering if anyone uses AppCode for Kotlin Multip...
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Wondering if anyone uses AppCode for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, what’s the experience like? Getting some IDE errors in the Android module, and I am just evaluating if it is going to be worth it to try resolving the errors.
I don't know how helpful this is; but in my experience of doing KMP over a couple of years... I don't live in a single IDE for it. I would say roughly: 60% - Android Studio (Best support for Compose/Previews) 30% - IntelliJ (Sometimes has better syntax highlighting, best Desktop debugging experience) 10% - AppCode (Had/has best KMM project setup templates, Swift editing for iOS native interface code)
I guess I would have to make do with multiple IDEs then. Thanks, Chris!
I can confirm having a similar experience as @darkmoon_uk although, lately I have seen IntelliJ to be able to cover most of my usecases
@andylamax, what version of IntelliJ do you have? Can’t seem to find the KMM plugin for the community edition.