Hi i am looking for a "Gallery" of Android Compose...
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Hi i am looking for a "Gallery" of Android Compose Material3 Theme (Colors) so that i could use these in a demo application i am developing i cannot find any open source sites that have such sample themes Do any exist? does Google supply the themes for their standard apps like Gmail etc? Ideally I would like samples in the format available for download from the Material Theme Builder web site
Material3 has a baseline purple color theme detailed at https://m3.material.io/styles/color/the-color-system/tokens. In addition, on Android 12+, you can use dynamic colors extracted from the user wallpaper as detailed at https://m3.material.io/styles/color/dynamic-color/user-generated-color. In both cases, you have access to five tonal palettes - two neutrals and three accents. From there, Material builds layers of tokens - see https://m3.material.io/foundations/design-tokens/how-to-read-tokens - that abstract away specific RGB values, the differences between light and dark mode, or usage of baseline vs dynamic colors. There are apps on Google Play such as https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ch3d.material.color that would show you the tonal palettes that correspond to the current user selection.
i have tried the baseline purple color theme and others (custom) from the Material Theme Builder web site I am happy with the Light theme associayted with these themes however I like the Gmail dark theme better than any of the ones generated from the Material Theme Builder web site how do i get an "improved" dark theme for composed material3?