Hey, I am having this issue whereby Textfield does...
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Hey, I am having this issue whereby Textfield does not lose focus on clicking out of it. After looking around, I saw a suggestion whereby you can add
modifier with
to your Parent layout. However, this can get messy when reusing the textfield in multiple places. Any suggestions around this?
Pretty sure that’s standard Android behavior? Just checked a few standard Google apps (Photos, Home, Play Store, Chrome, Calendar) and they all have text fields that keep focus when a tapping outside them.
Also if you just make a basic android screen with an EditText, that’s the default behavior.
I just created a simple Textfield as shown below but seems losing focus when you click outside the view is not a default behaviour in compose:
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var text by remember { mutableStateOf(TextFieldValue("")) }
    value = text,
    label = { Text(text = "Number Input Type") },
    keyboardOptions = KeyboardOptions(keyboardType = KeyboardType.Number),
    onValueChange = { it ->
        text = it
Right, compose tries to match the platform behavior for stuff like this. That behavior – a text field keeping focus when clicking outside it – is the default in both cases.
I lost you there. what do you imply by "both cases"?
The behavior of views and of compose
Right, but for this case I am trying to figure out why in this case on clicking outside the textfield has no effect on the focus state
Because that’s not the default behavior, by design. If you want to do that, you need to somehow handle the click yourself and manually clear focus, e.g. with a click handler at the root of your view/compose hierarchy. But you’d be diverging from the standard behavior, so i’d be cautious about doing so.
Got it! Thank you for the heads up