Hey! I'm new to using kotest and I'm trying to get...
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Hey! I'm new to using kotest and I'm trying to get it setup with a project of mine. Seems to work great running from gradle, but the intellij plugin and trying to run from the gutter icons has been painful to try and get working. I posted an issue yesterday, but no replies yet so I thought I'd post here too to get more eyes on it :)
In 5.x you can only run individual tests for JVM from intellij
@Ben Woodworth there was a bug in Kotest 5.5.0 where tests were skipped if you tried to run with the gutter icon. Could you try upgrading to 5.5.1 and see if the issue persists?
I'll try to get some time to check out your repro tonight.. Normally when I try to press gutter icons on multiplatform tests I think I get a choice on what target to run the tests on.
huh, yeah I don't think I get that. It just creates the run config and immediately starts it for me
yeah I got the same now.. I might've misremembered. I don't do a lot of multiplatform dev ­čÖé
Hah, that is how it works for the
-marked tests, for what it's worth. Just not the Kotest tests