Does Kotlin Multiplatform officially reach Beta ?
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Does Kotlin Multiplatform officially reach Beta ?
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I wonder what this means related to tooling. That is, will Beta be in 1.7.30 or 1.8.0? How else would we get rid of this message:
Kotlin Multiplatform Projects are an Alpha feature. See: To hide this message, add 'kotlin.mpp.stability.nowarn=true' to the Gradle properties.
There's not going to be a 1.7.30. 1.8.0 is the next Kotlin version after 1.7.20
Well not with that attitude.
There is a specific wording in the news yesterday: All mentions to a beta state are tied together with "Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile", which is a subset of Kotlin Multiplatform. Kotlin Multiplatform as a whole, the broader picture, the one where we can use mobile, JVM, native, JS, etc. was not mentioned and continues in alpha. So "Does Kotlin Multiplatform officially reach beta?" The answer can be: it depends. Are you only developing for Mobile targets? If so, yes!
do we have a roadmap for when KMP (as a whole) plans to be beta?
🤷‍♂️ Seeing the current Kotlin Roadmap, Mobile is/was the priority regarding multiplatform. The last roadmap update was in June and the next one should happen in November. Let's sit and wait 🙂