Hello friends, I had a question about making a mob...
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Hello friends, I had a question about making a mobile application. For the basic structure of the application, which is just an idea and you want to turn it into an application, what steps should I go through? I mean, what questions should I ask myself about the idea and that How should I create a road map according to which I will start building the app so that I don't get interrupted when turning the idea into an app and don't change my decision for a sudden part? I don't mean the programming stage
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This isn't Kotlin specific. You'd be better off asking in #random or (probably better) googling it. There are lots of good articles on the subject.
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tbh for the basic structure, you should search on youtube, google, bc it depends on what type of app you want to make, weather its a app like google maps, or Instagram etc. it always varies so i would suggest start getting some information on youtube n google, bc this isn't the place
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