Hey, I’m trying to get a working knowledge of ios/...
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Hey, I’m trying to get a working knowledge of ios/swift (to get kmp going) Does someone here know what’s the state of the art for ios in terms of libraries? 1. What’s the go to persistance library? (is sqlite popular as well?) 2. What’s the go to networking library? 3. What’s the go to DI library? 4. What’s the go to reactive framework? (I read there is frst party Combine?) 5. What’s the status of async-await? Does it play nice with Combine as suspend functions do with kotlin Flow? 6. Should I still bother to learn UIKit when swift ui exists? Is it not prod ready?
You can ask in #multiplatform
I mean, not really multiplatform, its a pure ios question. I just think its a good idea to get a sense of regular ios development first before employing kmp
There is #ios though
oh, thanks!