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Katrina Eaton

02/24/2022, 6:36 PM
Beat me to it. Thank you for posting it!


02/25/2022, 12:12 AM
aww sad. the mod's `rm -rf`'d it
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02/25/2022, 2:56 AM
Good on you JetBrains, Putin is a dictator, all he does is start wars.
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Richard Gomez

02/25/2022, 3:12 AM
aww sad. the mod's `rm -rf`'d it
I would love to know why... perhaps it received too many reports and was removed by automoderator.


02/25/2022, 3:19 AM
I don't wonder much on that. The sub's off topic policy is pretty damn clear. As someone that voted for a divisive and funny enough only recent US president that didn't stoke or by-stand a new war, I can say the political genre of conversation has become very very dangerous to endorse, even if your intent is pure. Makes me sad. The base case should absolutely be discussion of thoughts.


02/25/2022, 3:27 AM
I agree. I don't like Putin, I don't like the Russian government, I don't like wars at all. Though - and I'm not saying it's happening now nor that it will happen - I really don't wish for #random to become convoluted in the near future purely with discussion in regards to the Ukrainian/Russian conflict.
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02/25/2022, 8:53 AM
we’re not living in a bubble, people need to discuss current events that effect their daily lives
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02/25/2022, 9:18 AM
hat off to Jetbrains for that


02/25/2022, 8:00 PM
Never said that people shouldn't, I just said that I don't want every single post here to be about it. After all, this is a Kotlin slack server, I feel as though we should try and stay related to Kotlin discussions. And yes, I know what the Russian government is doing is horrible, and I'm not disregarding that, though it seems a tad bit off-topic in my opinion for us to be discussing this. The same goes for any other political topic, although I understand in this case it is going a bit beyond that. I also just wanted to add, not everyone in this Slack server is from Russia/Ukraine, this conflict doesn't necessarily affect everyone as a whole, that's why I feel as though there should be a limit as to how often we will discuss this.