Does anybody at JetBrains have any pull at all wit...
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Does anybody at JetBrains have any pull at all with somebody at leetcode? Their Kotlin interpreter is version 1.3 and I can’t find anything about any plans to upgrade it to something more recent. Also, continually using
as the name of a property is annoying and not idiomatic, but I can live with that if they truly can’t fix that. (Note: I fully realize that JB has absolutely nothing to do with leetcode, just asking if there’s been any discussions re: versioning)
I have the same issue with leetcode. It's really annoying and sometimes forces me to use deprecated functions.
Yup, it’s a pain.
Hi, Todd! I’ll reach out to LeetCode, thanks for bringing this up!
Oh wow, thanks!
Ksenia - Were you ever able to get in contact with LeetCode? They are still on 1.3 (which, you know, still works great, but…)
Hi, Todd! I reached out to them, but no reply