Hey folks, I'd like to hear your opinion on my cur...
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Hey folks, I'd like to hear your opinion on my current bad internship experience. I joined a small start-up which focuses on 3d modelling for e-commerce (integration with web and mobile) this Monday and found out that the company doesn't have any full-time paid developers, senior or junior, doesn't have a product either. I get no guidance, mentorship whatsoever. The part that frustrates me the most is that I'm asked to do web development because I'm sure the person asking me isn't aware that I wouldn't be capable of doing web with react without any prior knowledge or experience. What would you do in my situation, quit and focus on advancing android development skills and focusing on projects and leetcode, or just accept the condition since I haven't done any internship previously.
Why would you do Web with React when you can do with Compose for Web ?
Especially since they have no developer, I guess you're free to pick your tools and technologies?
It's supposed to be a shopify app, and I don't know if I had many choices since Shopify only supports (at least have some documents) with react js with node, php or ruby on rails. Otherwise I would use Compose for Web.
Along with vue and angular.
This is basically a question of what you currently need the most. Skill or Money (bonus points if you can have both). But if you have to choose skill, startups can be challenging but they are surely places where skills are heavily and quickly forged. If you need more Money, its better of to look for a well established company that can pay you well However, if you are being mistreated, leave that place. Mental health is very important to each individual and we should guard it with all our might
@andylamax from the description it doesn't sound like their are Skills or Money to be gained from @Can Korkmaz's situation, sounds like the company have chanced on bringing a 'generic' (from their perspective) technical intern in, with the intent of getting free web work done, with no understanding themselves of what's involved. If that rings accurate, @Can Korkmaz, then I'd probably start looking for a better-faith internship where you'll learn as part of a skilled team; they are out there.
I more or less had a similar first experience, joined a startup with mostly no prior working knowledge and after a very short period the company split and I was left alone with the founder, who was a business guy, as the only developer. had to learn stuff in the hard way, and probably a lot of I did was wrong, but I ended up setting up the website myself (db to frontend, back then in GWT, because had no idea about js and no time to learn), handled a mailing server and an ldap one all while working and being paid for a part-time job. it was very useful and opened up my mind to way more than software development, having an idea of everything that goes into a real full stack really helped me later on (just as an example, though not the resident expert, in a later company I was the one introducing git and having the first presentation and demos on docker, and personally I point back at that first experience). what was maybe different than your situation is that, for whatever reason, the founder really trusted me and I had completely freedom on the tech to use I guess, what I want to say, make lemonade out of lemon, find your way and I think a real experience is way more formative then any pet project, as there are real consequences for failing
Thank you all for your opinions @thanksforallthefish @darkmoon_uk @andylamax @louiscad. I'll chose to stay a bit longer and see what happens, as there's another intern starting soon and maybe we can make a good team with him. I'll just try to learn some react at this point, just enough, and try to make the switch to mobile side asap, since there's also zero code on mobile side yet but they want to focus on web side first. Staying here for at least a month and I'll have something to list on my cv. That's all, thank you all again.
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Try pitching in kotlin-react. It basically react but written in kotlin
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