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01/03/2022, 11:59 AM
I recently build another pc, using an i7 12700K, 32gb of RAM and very high speed M.2 ssd. I noticed that every time I open a .kt file with Composables in the code view my CPU jumps up to 20% for a second which causes my fans to ramp up. This is super annoying since the fans only spin for a short moment. I'm aware I can change my fan curve but I'm wondering if this is normal behavior in Android Studio or if it's a flaw of my pc build. Anyone got some input on how to troubleshoot this?


01/03/2022, 2:54 PM
As far as I know this is now how modern CPU work. When it receives work to do, it will overclock the hell out of the core it will use for the task to crunch the task as fast as possible, rising then lowering the temperature of the core very fast. You need to configure your fans appropriately so that they ramp up only if the temperature is above the defined threshold for more than a fraction of a second (I think my configuring program uses 5 second averages) if it’s acceptable and possible with your software, but there is another solution that I like better: configure all your fans at a fixed speed. I found that the sound change is in fact much more annoying than the actual sound. Your CPU will effectively be slightly nerfed by this (but it’s already far too powerful for anything), and the ultimate solution is to have a quick switch between fixed and curve-based fan speed to use when you know you’ll need your CPU a lot and can handle the sound.
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01/03/2022, 2:56 PM
Thanks for your input, and I agree the sound change is what's bothering me, as there are moment I program without headset on
Increasing fan interval in the motherboard solved this problem